Microsoft ends support for Windows 7

Find out how Buerer Computer Consulting can help you with the transition

10 years after its first release, Windows 7 support has ended on January 14, 2020. According to Norton, the Windows 7 operating system currently runs on a quarter of all PCs.

What does that mean?

Windows will no longer support the Windows 7 operating system. That means that Windows wont offer any patch updates for security holes discovered in Windows 7. Thankfully, even though Windows has ended support, that doesnt mean the end of support for all of your programs.

If you are still running windows seven, programs like Norton Security will continue to operate as expected. In a statement released by Norton, they announced that their program will continue to receive security and product updates with the same protection that they offered your system before.

Your Norton protection will continue to run as normal on Windows 7. You will continue to receive security and product updates for Norton and you will continue to experience the same great level of protection you’ve come to expect from us. However, given Microsoft’s announcement of end of support, in order to ensure you are best protected, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 at your earliest convenience. The longer that Windows 7 remains unpatched, the greater the likelihood that critical security vulnerabilities in the OS will be exploited.

NortonLifeLock Inc.

As Norton stated, their program will still monitor your Windows 7’s safety while you use it BUT it is best to upgrade.

What do I do?

Although security software, such as Norton, will help protect your Windows 7 machines against hackers, it isn’t the permanent solution. Norton themselves even advises their users to upgrade their systems to one that supports Windows 10.

Here are Buerer Computer Consulting, we too recommend upgrading your Windows 7 system to a Windows 10 computer. Depending on what you use your system for; whether its for studio editing, point of sale services, or just sending emails, we can help pick the best system for you while keeping your cost to a minimum. If you would like more information, we encourage you to send us an email or call us where you can talk to our product specialists.

If you are a dedicated Windows 7 user and don’t plan on upgrading any time soon, we advise that you at least install Norton 360. Norton 360 includes a cloud backup of all your important files, real-time threat protection, and dark web monitoring just to name a few of the many features. To find out how Norton 360 could help you and to see Buerer Computer Consulting’s special Norton 360 offers, head over to our products page.


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