Domain Versus Social Media?

In the ever-expanding and life inclusive era of the internet, the line between social media and web domains gets blurred as to which one is more significant. Do you throw your hat all in one ring? Or do you invest time and money into both? The process of balancing these two sides of the same coin can be daunting.

The key question is: do I still need a website with my own domain in the social media age? The answer, if you want your brand to really stick out in a customer’s mind is….YES! A stand-alone website with your own personal domain allows you to represent your brand the way you want to, as opposed to relying on a platform that restricts what you can do with design, functionality, and content.

This is not to say that social media doesn’t have its place. Social media can offer free setup, access to a global audience of billions of customers, and increased visibility to those that use those platforms on a daily basis.

Some pros of social media are: the ability to have direct contact with customers, increased visibility in search engines, setup is free and easy, and interaction with customers is direct. Cons: you could spend hours creating content that gets no attention(social media is a giant atmosphere, and some things slip through the algorithmic cracks), if you have negative feedback(let’s face it, no matter how great you are, it will happen) is there for all to see, and, it’s not yours. The platform is pre-formatted, so, any design language you wish to use outside of the structure of the platform is not possible, limiting what you can say about your brand visually.

Having your very own website can feel like the ticket home for you and your amazing business. Here’s some things to consider. First, building and maintaining it. It really takes a vision to make a website that both represents your brand and lives up to your expectations. Second, marketing and analysis: if nobody can find your site, then nobody will know your products or your vision. You have to put in considerable time promoting your business online and making sure you can meld with changing trends to keep sales up.

The positives of having your own home on the web far outweigh the negatives though. Analysis and marketing are fully customizable and the options are more open with your own domain. You can track your own data and interact with customers from your own place.

In summary, website ownership have their caveates and blessings. However, using them in unison can drive your online business to new heights. Contact us today and we’ll get you started on your journey to bigger and better things for your business!


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