Benefits of Virtual Servers


Here’s a breakdown of how Virtual Servers can help you and your business!


1. Less Hardware Costs

When virtual severs are used, hardware efficiency is increased because one physical server can implement multiple virtual machines as opposed to dedicated physical machines for each application.

2. Server Provisioning picks up speed, as does deployment

You can now simply clone a machine, instead of adding, installing, and configuring a new one. With virtualization, you can now simply add a new virtual application instead of buying new equipment. No more waiting for configuration, simply add, then deploy.

3. Much better Disaster Recovery

Backup and data transit are incredibly easier with virtual servers. You can create failover servers in as many places as you like to prevent real data loss. If diasaster should strike, you will still have online backups in place so nothing important is lost.

4. Increased Productivity

Less physical equipment to maintain equals less time taken to provision applications. Leaving IT staff more time to drive new projects and brinng in new business.

5. Energy Cost Savings

Physical servers, even more(depending on the size of your business) server rooms, are power hungry monsters using up valuable energy costs. Virtual servers take up no room and drastically decrease the carbon footprint for everybody.

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